Child Proofing

Rooms of the house:

  1. Keep baby out (lock door, gate)
  2. Make the room safer


  • Falls: toilet seat down, safety cover on faucet
  • Burns: turn down hot water temperature in home (49-54oC)
  • Poisoning: keep hazardous items in high places, out of your baby’s reach; or in locked cabinets.
  • Drown/Suffocate: never leave alone in bathtub as children can drown in a few inches of water


  • Falls: strap in to high chair
  • Burns: keep child away while cooking, keep kettles away, don’t drink/carry hot stuff around child, be vigilant when stove/oven on, always keep dishwasher doors locked shut and don’t leave sharp knives inside
  • Poisoning: place dangerous and poisonous objects up high, out of your baby’s reach
  • Drown/Suffocation: don’t leaves foods out that baby could choke on

Garages and Storage Areas

  • Falls: never leave pails around that are filled with water, for babies easily can fall in and drown
  • Poisoning: Put detergents, paints, oils, paint thinner, gasoline and other dangerous products up very high or in locked cabinets


  • Falls: cushion sharp edges, crib rails highest position, do not use crib if baby can crawl out, be aware of things child can climb on, no baby walkers, supervise at playgrounds, bike helmet
  • Burns: cover electrical sockets, put away appliances, change smoke detector batteries q2yr, don’t smoke when holding child
  • Poisoning: know poison control number, keep original containers, lock cupboard, never call medicine candy, dispose of trash/liquor
  • Drown/Suffocate: never leave alone in water, no plastic bags or balloons for toys, no necklaces, no smothering or strangling objects in crib
  • Car: seat belt, proper car seat, , <20lbs rear facing, no air bags, always buckle up before car moves

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